Thursday, August 11, 2011

Over exposed!

Seems like my life is a bit over/under exposed just like these pictures. Lots of stuff happening.

DS#3 has moved back home to regroup and head out sometime in the future so I had to modify his old room a bit.

Then I had to see how the pictures looked in the kitchen. I dragged out my first attempt at making a valence. I learned a lot about how not to do it!!! But I still do luv that subtle plaid which originally was going to be a dress. lol

The thrift shop pictures have kinda set the tone for the kitchen, I'm thinking. But I need to think how I can rework those very distinct pieces of furniture. I'm definitely painting them. I'll strip that old wallpaper, add another board to raise that panelling a bit so it no longer cuts the walls at the half way mark, and put the stove back so my new hutch can have pride of place.

Now if the light would just settle in to a soft glow I wouldn't need the dark nor the rose coloured glasses!


Createology said...

Life is a constant sea of changes. Take a deep breath and sip some "tea" my dear...

Twisted Quilts said...

The kitchen looks great. Families are often changing and it seems like no matter how old our children get we still have to be parents!