Saturday, August 20, 2011

Package in the mail!

3 I'm very pleased with my choices, the amount of fabric and the final $$$. This is mostly because I'm learning what I really like but also keeping it down to what I'll be needing for the current project.

The project in this particular time period is summer. I wanted to get the fabrics organized for the individual fabric accessories that will be in each room for the summer.

The veranda needs to be bright, quick and not so special as it is open to the elements. I had a few of my own fabrics which work well with the theme fabric I ordered. I needed to buy the available kit to get the colours missing from this older selection and I'm possibly going to actually make the quick quilt that was shown.

The hall will borrow a few fabrics from the veranda. I am thinking family vacation theme here with mostly aqua and a few bits of red.

While searching in my stash I found a cotton shirt son #3 wore that was his favorite. Actually, he has taught me a lot about colour as he likes colours that are so different from what I would pick. He even coloured everything striped as child. But what makes accessorizing such a joy is personalizing everything.

I think a Trip Around the World would be so fitting as a throw on the cedar chest. I also found this old fabric that will possibly be pillows.

The kitchen will have the touch of the red cherries but mostly yellow. The stripe is the curtain fabric. The dark aqua in the plaid is perfect for the flow but I won't add any more. I'm pretty certain my kitchen walls won't be yellow but rather taupes and creamy white cabinets. I'm thinking neutral so I can pop colours as the seasons change.

The front room leads off the hall but needs to be pinks with mellow yellow. The rug actually has a teeny bit of aqua and I can add some coloured glass. I'm rejecting the idea of cranberry walls for a more neutral colour. I'm liking the little bits of browns from the sampler squares. I do like pink and brown. I'm seeing a lot of bright pinks in this photo so I may eliminate some of the brighter ones for a more faded look. yum, chocolate dipped strawberries!

The sitting room is very open to the front dining room and branches off into the kitchen. I need it to be a calm neutral space in our busy lives and I luv the fresh look of vintage fabrics with lots of white. I'll be making sure that there is some aqua to keep the cool, fresh, restful look. The magazine shows Malka Dubrawski 's article on Quiet Design with Quiet Fabrics. It is best used for pillows or a small placemat. I already have an aqua wholecloth lap quilt.

Then the shower curtain in the bathroom will use up the blue 30's fabrics I have but with the greens and aquas from the sampler squares I ordered to bring that aqua flow.

That's the down stairs and if I even open the containers for the possible summer projects for the upstairs it'll cost me another day. Lots of fun but the summer is slipping away. I feel the upstairs plan is in pretty good shape

The veranda is stalled as the Rooster is calling for another rooster with a bigger/better toy to help out. So in the meantime we are switching to the front gate and fence redo. I'm going to run right out for some before photos.

pant, pant! What happened to lazy, hazy days of summer???


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love how you make many of your own accessories, including curtains and pillows. Sorry I've been MIA. I've had company this week, so haven't even been online. I really enjoy your fabric choices. said...

oooh I love the way you've organized all the fabrics! mmmm : ) See you tomorrow? ~Monika

Cheryl Arkison said...

Wow! That's a lot going on. It's going to look great.