Thursday, October 10, 2013

Creating at Mach 101

It was rush, rush all day!

Eliana made an early morning appearance and we were off and running!

I had several errands in the morning:  mail, recycle depot, thrift shop, library, hardware store and a stop for milk. 

Then home again home again jiggety jig for Creativity 101.  I barely had the lunch on the table before my gal arrived, never mind the rest break!  Gee, kiddies, too bad, no rest for you!  ha!

I was most impressed that they stayed with the class for an hour and a half and then opted out for Clifford the Big Red Dog!  That was the reason for the library stop!  Yay, Clifford!

Shenise worked away and we spent a bit of time unifying everything.  We did actually finish her butterfly book and we'll be starting something new next week.

Now after she left,  Clifford was still going strong so I had a lovely coffee break.  I shall deal with the aftermath later.  vbsigh
I chased them outside where Josh had his turn with the kitten and his sister demonstrated the pinata swing technique!  LOL

The Rooster did finish up the garden box and began on the mess the dog has made along the basement.  We have a creative solution. :)   And bless his heart while I read the bedtime story he began the alteration to the sink cupboard.  We brought in the dresser for the new base and Josh came to check out the commotion.  He was informed that he and  I can set the new dresser in place and lever the hutch on top tomorrow!

I am so excited and so is Josh who is wondering if his muscles will improve over night!  lol!!!  Ahem, it is the teary eyes that make it appear blurry!

Definitely a creative day all round.  :)


Createology said...

Gram'elle these posts are so precious and I love your "blurry" teary photo. Shenise has created a lovely butterfly book with wonderful words of inspiration for her to reflect upon for years to come. Mach 101 is such a rewarding venue dear...

Margaret said...

Your pace leaves me panting, dear elle! Thank goodness for coffee breaks, eh? ;-)