Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My happy place

It is my playroom/sewing room/art studio.  Lots of times it is creating things that makes me happy but I am seriously wondering if organizing is my real happy place.  :(

I needed to find a couple of sheets of coloured paper.  I have coloured card stock, patterned scrapbook paper, gelli plate mono prints, old book pages, music sheets, napkins, etc.  OYE!  I am in serious trouble.  I started to sort into colours.  Just like fabric, some doesn't slot into categories easily.  Then I began to dream about a storage rack/system.  Ahem!  I don't have a week nor do I have extra funds at the moment.  I have a couple of hours and that's iffy.  So I got creative.  I did a quick shuffle with the bead paraphernalia and repositioned the shelf to hold all those manila folders I had saved.  I designated similar pages into folders and I just may not even need to buy anything! Phew! 

The space isn't completed as the tub of mono prints is still in its tub but I had to switch happy places.  lol
I also have to deal with all the small stuff.  But I found card stock that I just knew I hadn't used up.  Yay! I also have emptied 2 shallow drawers that I have big plans for.  Again, I need to hold that happy thought and get back to the project at hand.

First set of pages is coming together.  hmmm, hum, hum.  Nothing glued but a good start.

I thought I was humming along until I put the flap down. :(

These flaps are complicating things, alright!  ;)

hmm, this might even work out better.  I will loose the yellow bow and...

put a nice one on the flap!    I can move the centre sentiment to the side and show case the bling. :)

I have three more sets of pages and only one more flap.   hmmmmmmmm   I hope I can stay happy!

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Createology said...

Looks like a happy place to me...being in your room of creative joy. Sorting your papers was a great idea. Very smart to place the pages without gluing down to see how they worked...flap wise for certain. All looks good to me. Happy Place Everyday Dear...