Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lining things up!

I've been giving lots of thoughts to lines as I consider my options for my wall quilt.

Horizontal lines are fairly passive, calming.

Vertical lines are strong, stable.

Diagonal lines are much more dynamic.

But I'm not feeling any pull as far as inspiration for my wall quilt.

A curvy line creates more movement.  Falling leaves? 

Going back to my quilting roots, I recognize that lines make grids.

What if...  I shake up that grid?

I can also add lines with stitches and with quilting.  I think things are beginning to line up!


Lorna McMahon said...

Hey, Elle! I never did give the direction of lines much thought... Until now. Thanks for sharing! PS. Hope the snow did go.

Createology said...

I am happy to see things are lining up for you dear. Stitching Bliss...

Leanne said...

I look forward to seeing where you end up.