Friday, October 11, 2013

Whiz Bang Fizzle

We started Thursday with a bang as Eliana got tangled in her covers and rolled unto the floor.  She is a bit of a drama queen and let us know how she felt about that.  The train blew just then at the crossing 1/4 mile away. All that was accompanied by a rudely awakened distress call from Joshua. Definitely naps all round were called for! 

We had an early start though because we had to pick up the Grand Dad in town as he was dropping off his big truck for some kind of servicing that escaped my jangled nerves. The grand kiddies felt it was cold and dressed as if we'd had our first snowfall!    Since these are new boots, I suppose it was inevitable.  LOL

Then back to really start the day!

Cleaning, that is the sound of the vacuum, soothes my soul.   So we started to do that; soothe my frazzled nerves, with some soul music.  I kept them at it.  It promised to be a nice day but we always have company Thursday night and I had to reclaim my space. 

Miss drama queen, was on rug shaking.  Not sure why the stick but behind her the drawers for the dresser can be seen.  Josh would be carrying them all in later and tightening the knobs.

It was quite the challenge to keep them on track when we cleaned the playroom but I am not all toffee and dvd's.  You play, you pay.  Note to self, do as I say not as I do! :O  ahem

We wrestled the cabinets around in the kitchen which is what I REALLY wanted to do.  It worked with only one major tippy moment.  Sorry, no photos. I was busy!!!

I am thrilled!  It turned out better than I hoped.   The light works but I need to hide that cord somehow.  Painting the kitchen walls is next and then that old sink leaves and we would like to have a large island.  This is a test run. ;)

The centre panel is not in as I must paint everything.   I feel like they are a good match though.

I would like the top of the hutch to be even with the top of the windows and I wonder if the Rooster could make me a box frame for between the top and bottom that would hold three baskets .  We'll see.

We did have a great quiet time in the midst of all the rearranging.  Eliana went to sleep immediately.  I checked my 'puter and after ten minutes my dear grand son reminded me I should be sleeping.  Right! I do believe I did!  :)  I was so relaxed I let him watch a dvd after we did the drawers.  Eliana must have heard the word dvd as she awoke. They watched Madeline while I made happy noises arranging my new china cabinet.  A bit of a fizzle from our previous action packed days but a change is as good as a rest!  ;)

 But it really was a lovely day so I shooed them outside to go harass the livestock!  :)   I harassed the display!  lol  The early morning mitts, boots and jackets must have made them think about hockey!  lol

Which made them all hot and then they needed a cool down.  These two are all about extremes and that keeps things banging, fizzling and whizzing!  :)


Unknown said...

If you start to feel that deflated feeling because you have no challenges left in life ... I have a hutch with empty shelves and a living room floor covered with scrapbooking supplies and some really cute cups and saucers I picked up a Bowring.

Directions to the Grande Prairie airport available upon request.


elle said...

ahh! DD#1 Sooo tempting. uhm, I'm supposed to be saving up for NYC so you can stroke box from Tiffany's off your bucket list! lol

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Holy Cow, you are going to neeeeeed a long nap when the whirl wind leaves! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your kitchen redo. The china cabinet is stunnig.

Createology said...

I am quite enjoying your adventures with the Littles. Extremes from snow boots to bare feet is very cute. Love your kitchen arrangement. Good to see your little helpers also help clean. Joyful memories dear...