Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Let there be flashes of light

I decided I needed to consider the light source for this wall hanging.  I have an east window in the front room and the light should come from the top right hand corner and filter across and down to the bottom left.  That really helps to arrange all the greens.  I want a small hint of water and a bit of greenery that is more up close and personal.

I took the whole shebang down to the front room and worked over a hot stove to tweak it.

 And I tweaked it.  And I tweaked it some more.

This is quite enough tweaking for this wip Wednesday.  I am all done hot flashes! ;)

This is the general idea and I need to add, subtract and divide up some of the sections.  I also need to multiply some leaves.  I shall leave  it up (oops, pun) and wait for the Rooster to notice and comment on it. ;)

If any of my visitors from The Needle and Thread Network care to shed some more light, I would be delighted to stand still for a few more hot flashes! LOL


Createology said...

I am finding your process quite intriguing. How very smart to actually put it where it is intended to live and see all the different light positions. Lovely in progress dear...

rtquilter said...

Thatsa lotta tweaking, elle,. Well done you! It looks great.

Dandelion and Daisy said...


JennyPennyPoppy said...

Looking fantastic. The fabric, colours and design are looking great!