Friday, October 4, 2013

Putting emotion to work

Not to worry.  I am no drama queen!

But it is commonly known that creating art helps one work through various emotions.  The problem is in having the available space to create that art.  :(

This past while I have been mad.  Mostly about small stuff.  Not enough time.  Not enough energy.  Not enough money. ha! That means not enough supplies or resources. But mostly I have been mad at myself for trying to work in a mess.  :(   But now I am putting that mad emotion to work for me.

Best time for me to purge is when I'm mad that I can't find things.  Clutter.  So I beat it up. ;)  And things get cleaned up and purged out.

This closet is a constant struggle and precipitated my madness.  My grand kiddie wanted 'her' box and I couldn't easily reach it so I promised her 'next time'!  :(  It is really a matter of getting rid of overflowing baskets of stuff that I haven't put away and then they block entrance to the inside of this closet.  They also block the doors to a cupboard that holds my 'good' supplies.  But keeping this supply separation is a pain and I think I'll be doing that differently.   I also need to put tags telling me exactly what is in the green baskets of the gridded cupboard.

I rearranged the long wall.  The cutter was here and usually covered with whatever need a place 'for a minute'.  I changed places with my stamping area and have made this corner my dry area for working on the scrap booking stuff.

I will fine tune this a bit but it is already easier to pull open the drawers of the large base unit.  I'm hoping the little pull out drawers will eliminate my need for stacks of stuff all over the place.

The centre area is for wet mixed media and actually functions well when it is accessible.  :(

Now I just need to be more diligent in using the space and keeping the space open and ready.  By having a space for my 'dry' journals I should do better with keeping the stacks down and this area clear.  ;)

I bought my die cutter last fall and I really need to be using it more for quilting and for embossing/cutting. Having it in this far corner will hopefully keep it from being a handy repository for  stuff.  :( I do need to move/change out my pens and other dry paraphernalia from this old office cabinet. 

I don't think I'm going to be a stamp carver but I sure like using the sticky back foam for making my own stamps.  She is a big girl this Pro and needs lots of room for the tray to slide .  For cutting fabric I think I'd lift her onto the cutting table but for  quick cuts I just have to lift away the tray that has all the water and paint on it in the adjacent mixed media work spot. 

My craft table is fully opened and always in use. I can work from three sides and I do.   I need to be more diligent about cleaning it off regularly though.  I never quite knew where to stash the mixed media stuff while I was wanting to cut and sew fabric. Heck, everything was already full of stuff.  lol  So I got a tub and put the protective shower curtain and the basic craft stuff  for my Creativity 101 gal in it. I'll whisk it off to its space in the cupboard and switch things to the sewing mode.  Here is hoping!

I do need to get my white curtains hemmed and up so I can have my design wall functioning.  I really want to get my fibre art back into the rotation not to mention the quilting.  I NEED to get the baskets of ufo's eliminated. :(

It seems I am always making changes in this room.  But the changes are getting smaller as the basic layout, cupboards and work surfaces are working.  Each time I do eliminate stuff that I realize I don't use.  Each time I improve the flow of using my materials. :)

Now that mad has been dealt with I'll be glad to get more creative. :)  And everything will be getting a good test run as my two grand kiddies are coming to spend an whole week with their creative...


RachelD said...

OKAAAAAY. I've read it, I've gritted my teeth and thought of that waiting kitchen counter and this table here behind me, covered with stuff too good to toss out and nowhere-to-put-it, of that stack of birthday gifts over there in the back floor---birthdays from August to October, and the stuff is still sitting there. Maybe if the boggle of how-to-pack-a-violin were removed from the equation, things would move along better.

Inspiration and GONNA DOIT.

Thanks---I'm firm in this, for this moment anyway, and will let you know how long your impetus lasts. At least past the dishes, I trust, and then we'll see. Thanks.


Mary Ann Tate said...

It's looking good Elle...really getting organized and functional. I cringe when I think of what's in the cupboard behind me. I did have that big throw out last fall but I think I may need to clean out that cupboard. I need the storage. Sigh.

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Getting organized is a process and the problem/solution lies in our ever changing needs. I can see from your posts that you are developing a floor plan and work and storage areas that works for you. Good on you!! I envy your tenacity to your goal of the best workspace for you. Keep mad till its done, Elle! lol You are doing great!

Leanne said...

I have been working on tidying and organizing this week, it must be getting ready for winter. Your changes all sound like things will be easier. The key, of course, is to tidy as one goes, that is always my downfall, rushing into the next thing is more fun.

Createology said...

Yes you do rearrange this room quite often and every time you do I think WOW! that is quite an improvement in function. Now I really think you have it just right. My Grandma would move the furniture when she got mad. I just spend money (which I lack) when I am mad. Your method is much better and safer. Now to be creative GramElle...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Wow! That closet has to be worth it's weight in gold! You have a great room but one thing I'm will NEVER be big enough! If, it were the size of a football field it would not be big enough. At least, that is the case at my house! I keep saying "I'm not buying anymore stuff"....until the next time. I think our craft "kingdoms" just evolve like we do. Yours appears to be evolving quite nicely!

rtquilter said...

Oh boy, elle! I know where this is coming from as i feel the same way. I am crammed into a corner of our bedroom to sew, and squashed into the laundry room for dyeing and all over the diningroom table for cutting and assembling. IF i could clean up,I would but i cannot so I try my best to stay as tidy as I can as i work. T'ain't easy, good luck!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I find I get a good idea, then rearrange things, then don't like how it turned out, or, after living with it awhile, decide it's not the best way or place. I can see you struggle with that, too. Looks like it's going to work now, at least until you decide to move things again (grin). Believe me, I can totally relate. It's become the story of my life!