Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jumping In!

The kids jumped into action bright and early. They had the promise of painting to make them hop to any suggestions I made!  LOL

I chose to paint this old cupboard as I needed a better fit for this space and I could use this one down  in the basement.   I had a small amount of green paint from the upstairs bookcases.  The kids got right into emptying these shelves while I started organizing the basement.   It yielded a small amount of extraneous stuff this time so I am definitely improving.  I did lose the kids once or twice as they found something to play with.  But I had us ready for painting after lunch.

 We had a  quiet time after lunch and my little Eliana actually fell asleep which is not at all usual. ;) Josh reported she was 'gone' but she had only climbed up into the top bunk.

She remembered that she used a ladder for the last project and insisted on one this time. :O

 Josh was a quick study but doesn't like to get messy which bothers his sister not at all.  lol

There was still lots of enthusiasm and a bit of paint left.  I felt the bookcase had gotten enough of their tlc so I gave them an old but useful stool down in the basement.

While I cleaned up they went off to harass the rest of the winter's supply of drumsticks! :(

I was beginning to wind down but they were ready and waiting for 'art'!  I was firm about no more painting so they just used the less messy stuff. 

A little time with Bob the Builder and Wendy from my dvd stash and I got supper going.  The Grand Framer was a bit late so their wasn't too much tractor time.   We did get the eggs gathered and back to the house safely this time.  ;) ;) 

We finished up the day by  reading a chapter in our book and I was the one that almost didn't make it to the end of the chapter!  LOL

Tuesday sees us back outside.  I shall be thinking about 'art' as we drag the wheelbarrow around the flowerbeds.   I suspect they'll be wanting to jump right back into painting! :)


MarveLes Art Studios said...

sure thing... they are a sweet blessing, and wonderful memories with their gram! cute pics, elle. very... very... CUTE!

Margaret said...

That's quite the pair of lively chicks you have there, eh? Great paint jobs!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

You will sleep good this week and maybe a naps the top bunk!

Leanne said...

Teach them well and they will be able to help you paint shelves and such for years to come. They are so cute, I bet they are fun to have around.

Createology said...

What a busy week you are having with your uber adorable Littles. They are such good helpers. Gram'elle you are the best! Happy memories my dear...