Thursday, October 17, 2013

oops, about the creativity 101 books

Books are on my mind and I had begun to gather materials for the booklets on colour for the grand kiddies.  I didn't realize I would have so much fun and have so many papers.  I arranged them in the order of a basic colour wheel using six colours.  Darn rainbow has seven and messes up the colour wheel concept!  oops!
I also should have made two signatures, not one.  another oopsie!

My gal came and we made a book following Teesha Moore's tutorial.

We got some colour laid down and we will 'really' begin next week.

Then instead of going back to my colour books I checked out a link a friend sent me and the rest of the afternoon flew by as my feet danced away under the 'puter desk!  oops!

So this morning I was hard at it and got caught up on my books.

This was a ton of fun and I tried not to add too many things as they are going to collect their own pictures and embellishments.  I tried to add a variety of pages in the colours, textures and materials.
 I have closed them with a paper clip and reinforced the spine with good old duct tape!

I spent way too much time enjoying the link a friend sent me.  This could be my theme song!


elle said...

ooh! Just checked to see if the link worked and I had to stop myself after play and replay. OOOH! I'm off to dance in the playroom! enjoy!

Unknown said...

Maybe you shouldn't know this ... but they will be in Grande Forks, ND later this month. Don't tell Dad how you learned this so I can remain,


Createology said...

Oh Dear...I clicked the link and I was hooked. Quite catchy and fun to view. Love your journals for the Littles. Creativity 101 is truly in full color and 3D...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Besides being really cute, those guys can sing...I love that program. Fun books but books are really fun in most forms!

Margaret said...

Love that happy dancin' gal! Haven't clicked on it -- yet. Your books are lovely; now you can say you're published! :-)

Mrs Pretzel said...

We both have chickens as a theme on our blogs!! Thank you so much for your comment on Seth's blog! I appreciate you taking the time! One of these days, book binding is something I will add to my list of things I can do. :)