Saturday, October 12, 2013


 A typical fall morning and a fine time for a walk.

We began our day with a quick cuddle with the friendliest cat.

They were hoping for a free ride but they are getting heavier with every step.

We checked out Charlotte and the calves.  Only Charlotte came to have her ears scratched.

Sweet Pea, the Border Collie, was all for checking out the sheep but Manny, our Great Pyrenees cross,  had wandered off on his own guard business down the field road.

 Puhleeeese!  Lets go chase sheep, forget that other dog!

He is almost out of sight but I got a glimpse of these little people's view of the world.  This was a great adventure to follow what appeared to be a large distance.  Josh got a surprised look when we reached the end of the bush as he recognized the railway crossing at the corner of our property.

Then began the science lesson where we examined seeds from oats, millet, timothy, Canada thistle and something I don't know the name of.  lol

Sweet Pea beat us home and Eliana was a close second shouting, "I did it!".  :)

Manny showed up in his own good time.  He came home by his own back road which leads by and even circles around our final destination- the chicken coop.  The grand kiddies were off investigating his road; calling all the while to make sure they could hear me.  I do believe they are growing up. :O

Now my camera decided the aroma from the chicken coop cleaning was intolerable and ceased to function but I remembered my new tablet.  It has a camera.  I managed to get it to take pictures of Sweet Pea and the grand kiddies 'watching' the chickens while I levered chicken debris out the door and into the wheelbarrow.

Then we had lunch and a nice rest. I introduced the budding artists to my gelli plate.  Yes, they like!

While they played I tried to use the 'puter to figure out how to transfer my pictures from a balky camera and a tablet.  I downloaded  something that had my virus protector freaking out and scanning and pitching things into a chest/vault.  ??? Something deep anyway.  While this was happening I poked at my camera and managed to get my pictures off it.  I have been having trouble with the on/off button and I guess it is feeling over worked!  Part two of the chicken coop cleaning may or may not happen tomorrow depending on my getting wi-fi access at the library to send my pictures to the home computer.  I should be able to download straight to the computer but I need to study on that some more without downloading gremlins. ha!  I guess I am not too old to hopefully learn these techy things.

Our walk about the yard made me realize that to keep from growing old, I must not forget to see the world through the eyes of a child.  ;)

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Createology said...

My goodness you and the Littles are having such wonderful days filled with a bit of everything around the homestead. Your story telling is just fabulous and I am enjoying every detail. Blissful Dear...