Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I didn't know that!

I didn't know that the shovelful of dirt I dug out from the front bed was the entrance door, the foyer, heck the whole first floor of a wasps nest! YIKES! They were mad! Last time the apple cider vinegar worked wonderfully, but I only had regular vinegar and my cheek still hurts. One followed me right into the house but at the risk of asphyxiating myself I managed to spray him dead! It was time to get ready for my next assignment anyway! 8^)

I didn't know I'd be at the front table receiving art and checking off names and handing out the invites to the opening for the Art Show. Wow. I was just amazed. I seem to need a connection between the creator and the creation. I'd never match the artists and the art together in most cases although one gal dressed as she painted.

I didn't know that some of our local gals only started painting about the time I started quilting. They asked the local ceramics teacher to teach them painting and she brought in an instructor and there are courses and conventions, and competitions just like quilting. Amazing!

I also didn't know I'd be doing it again from 10:00 to 7:00 today. Think of all the stuff I'll learn!

Now I also didn't know how to add a picture and some links for a collaboration of like minded 'fibre artists'. I am still checking out the technological difficulties. But I think I've just about got it! AMAZING


Unknown said...

I'm sorry you got stung, that sucks... I'm allergic, so I have a terrible fear of bees!

elle said...

The bees don't seem to bother me. We have several kinds. But these guys that hide in the dirt Really irritate me! 8^) Thanks for the sympathy!