Monday, September 28, 2009


Time to get tough. The soft doesn't work. All those nice S words! Shift, store, stack, shove over and slide . Need to bring on the hard C sounds. Keep Clutter Cleared before sliding under the smooth sheets and laying the stalled grey matter onto the soft pillow.

I have gotten a good morning routine and now I need to do the same for evenings. I look around for something to do, give up up on the various cluttered corners, grab an inspiring book and dream of 'what if...'

So my early morning musing has resulted in 'Set Yourself Up for Success'. This will take a stern talking to myself every evening. Clear up the clutter before ya hit the cushions!

The weather has reverted back to normal so we are now cool and wet. But the flowerbeds are relatively done. There is one shrub to be moved and a couple of divisions to go in their permanent spot. I think I can go back to the once a week plan again. But while I was outside the house got less attention and now needs a bit more than the regular 'pick me up'. The basement and the playroom are a jumble. The problem is the stuff that was awaiting dispersal was on the spare chairs and the chairs were needed for a big dinner and now the stacks have fallen over. So if I'd put them away permanently and when the piles were small.... Another S word. Stupid! Same scene only with stuff in the lower regions covering every flat surface. VBSigh Come on, elle; what if ya gave up sluffing (procrastination) and took up the challenge to conquer clutter creatively?


Unknown said...

Conquer Clutter Creatively... I see potential in that. ;)

Unknown said...

Haven't seen you around lately, just making sure you're ok.... are you? :D

Approachable Photos said...

*Knock knock* :D