Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weeded, watered and worn out

Well, yesterday was definitely a tangent. HOT! But I can't say I really noticed especially as I was determined to water everything. The water soaked in as I weeded just ahead of the hose. The hose was black rubber, wet and dirty. I pretty much looked the same.

There is one section I could have weeded better but I still had half a yard to go. Feels good! Mind you my body says 'a bit much' and a peek in the mirror shows a very pink strip in the small of my back. oops!

I have directed the grey water from the basement to the grapes. Be darned if I'll lose my first grapes due to drought!

This was my very first glimpse of them. I'm anticipating some kind of reward for the labour!


Verna G said...


Your grapes look the same as mine. Called Manitoba grapes I think altho mine are growing in SAsatchewan. Do you do anything with yours. I mixed the juice with some boughten juice one year and made jelly. Do you have any suggestions?

Createology said...

Good day's work my dear. Your grapes look very cool and shady and delicious to come ripe. May your hot drought end very soon...