Friday, December 9, 2011

Above and Beyond

I'm so glad that we decided early on to leave the two bedrooms alone.  My son in law had decided to remove the 2 tiny closets and put in one straight wall.  He will put a new closet on the wall at the foot of the bed.  Even if a drywaller had stepped in,  we wouldn't have had the time to paint.   

The master bedroom opens off the living room and is small.  Cari always has one of my quilts on her bed but with the taupe walls and all her battenburg lace duvet and pillow cases I decide to just use the white for this photo.  I spray painted the thrift store lamps gold and I need to find bigger and hopefully  rectangular shades.  I'd seen them a month ago and didn't realize shipping and storing lampshades is risky business.  They dent easily. So now I know, if you see one you like, buy it!.  And these lamps need big shades.  Rectangle would put them further back on the bedside tables and contrast the curves in the bed and lace.  I used a battenburg bedskirt to make valences over the sheer curtains.

This new wall will be a perfect photo gallery wall and all the frames should be white.

The kiddie room had bunk beds that overpowered the room and the reality is that the kids aren't ready for them. So Willian had put one away.  They each have their own end.  Their dad is South American so the theme incorporates that and is also suitable for either gender as growing things and flowers figure prominently in their lives.

I took the two bookcases from my house and they'll each have one to store their stuff. Now I've learned a lot about spray painting since I first did this. sad, very sad.  LOL  And their Dad is an excellent spray painter and has serious spray equipment so he can improve on them.   I did organize a play area in the basement for trucks, trains, blocks and kitchen.  The kids' Papa is a carpenter.  He made a kitchen for his daughter.

He also made the bedside tables and this hutch which we moved from their room because the new closet will go in its place.  The chair is being stripped back to natural wood. Oooh, blurry but all I took.

I was in such a rush to get finished I neglected to take a photo of the Rooster work in the tiny hall.  A corner holds some triangular shelves that has baskets with white liners to hold stuff.  I also used some curtains my DD made to cover the basement pantry.  The basement  has a revamped laundry area and an area for the kids to play.  An old coffee table is the new Thomas the Tank play station.  

That pretty much wraps up the make over.  I enjoyed the creative challenge.  I hope they enjoy the change.

I would like to say that it has taken years of trying different things, reading lots of magazines and decorating books to get to the place where I can pull together a cohesive decorating scheme. I'm reluctant to take on projects for others because a home is so personal and should reflect what the owners lov.   I'm not sure why decorating held such an interest for me even as a youngster.  Perhaps it was my first doll house. Notice Elaina's.  I gave it to her for her first birthday.  Some pieces are put away so she doesn't swallow them.  I think if one is interested in something, then one notices things, analyzes why it works  and pursues and learns all about it.  This encourages me to continue to pursue creative things whether it be decorating, sewing, arts or crafts.  Notice I didn't include cooking!   I ain't  THAT interested.  lol

The family returns today and I'll be spending the weekend visiting and relaxing.  Monday will bring new creative challenges.


Twisted Quilts said...

I was always interested in decorating but my mother in law was very critical of anything I wanted to do. With our recent home renovations I have done more decorating than ever before and I am really enjoying it. One thing that helped me is looking at rooms on the internet. I also have a friend that has come over and helped. I love color and quirky whereas my MIL was very traditional. You have done a great job.

Createology said...

What a wonderful gift you have to you little family...lots of love, labor, time and true delight. Well done dear!