Monday, December 5, 2011

Rolling along with the Rooster

The days of this month have been rolling along fast and I'm starting to lose boulders, never mind the keeping track of dates, supplies, and work lists.  These boulders arrived sometime on Wednesday because Friday everything seemed to be finished and gone.  They spread these along the new sides where the bridge supports had been. Now we are having an odd winter. The snow comes and the snow goes.  So I'm not sure how much snow will melt and run off to give all these big boulders a good wash come spring.  But it is good to be prepared.

I enlisted the Rooster for all the big projects on Saturday and he has been most valuable.  Our friend, little e, joined us and helped keep any blue smoke to a minimum.  My rooster is all about taking time for meals and we chicks are all about getting the things done.  NO!  We are definitely not going out to eat.  Besides, look at us!  So he settled for going for a late take-out and a cosy grouping around the step ladder.  BTW, this was my mum's step ladder and the most useful heirloom she gave me!  

Speaking of food, I envisioned a small pantry for extra cans and the Rooster obviously thinks WAY bigger than I do.  What a guy!   I remembered two curtains DD had made that I could use to cover it.  He is puzzled as to why I'd want to cover such a nice thing!  :)

Sunday afternoon he finished up his projects.  Now this space saver bathroom cabinet he is putting together to fit by the fridge was, in hind sight, a bit redundant after the large pantry went in.  But I thought it not a good idea to mention that fact until we are on our way back home!!!  lol

A few curves still ahead. My new rug is liking the daughter's place better than mine.  We are on our last half cans of paint so the hallway may be a hybrid colour.  The stove is getting fatigued from being rolled in and out and in and out.  The wee shelf I had my good guy put above the stove and just under the cupboard  was the result of my insistence and I'd brought a board which met the width and the depth requirements.  Only problem is the darn salt shaker is too tall!  oops!  So she can lay spoons and spatulas there!  sheesh!

I plan on knocking off the finishing touches as the week rolls along to its culmination with the returning family.  I'll be posting the finishes as they occur.

Time to get this old boulder moving down the slope!


HollyM said...

Wow, you'll be exhausted but satisfied.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am in awe of everything you accomplish in a day and still have time to blog about it. You go, girl!

Createology said...

Elle you three have made excellent progress. Storage is priceless.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

What would we do without those helpful hubbies? Looks like yourvproject is coming together nicely.........want to do my house next???