Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wow! What IS on my worktable?

A mess actually!

The reason for the flurry of cleaning and rearranging was because I lost my wallet.  I wasn't convinced it happened while I was shopping.  So Monday, I did the first floor.  Wonderfully satisfying rearranging that was spoiled by the the fact that my wallet was still lost.

Yesterday, I tackled the second floor.  The playroom is of course the messiest so I left it till last.  I piled stuff on the table and was shoving my vacuum  into the very last corner behind my chair at the computer desk and...

YES!!!  I berated myself for not starting upstairs but I thought I had left my purse downstairs and hadn't made it upstairs to sling into the corner or pitch it under the bed!  ;^)

So I celebrated by stopping work, having a cup of java, and reading some more in my Digital Expressions book and examining the contents of my new Photo Elements program.

Last week I was working on my little challenge for the 3 Creative Studios.  That's all done and laying on my worktable.  (plus all the paraphernalia that I used.)  LOL

Today I want to take the plunge and try to get my program loaded.  I did find the pages from  the Margaret Applin's tutorial for 3 CS's Technique of the Month and hopefully I'll be digitally ready for 2012


Leanne said...

You have a lot going on, I have been catching up on your blog. I love the way you are arranging your home and your worktable looks great to me. The new computer programs look fun too.

Dresden Quilter said...

Your challenge piece is beautiful.