Monday, December 12, 2011

Art, where art thou?

I'm happy to have the decorating phase finished and although it sparked lots of chagrin that I have my own home to do and why haven't I got it done, I'm contemplating my next deadline.

The 3 Creative Studios blog has issued its final challenge. I appreciate it takes a ton of work to organize and execute these monthly challenges.  The last challenge is due this week and while I had some grandiose plan lurking in the nether regions of my brain, reality dictates that I focus on what I  was able to download and experiment with.  This week is gonna be all about Art!

And so I'm wondering,  Art, where art thou?


Dandelion and Daisy said...

I often wonder where art comes from, you start with one thing in mind and end up with something very different! Have a fun art week!

Createology said...

You will find your art and produce something wonderful my dear. Taking time for you and your art is the best I have heard in some time from you...always doing for others is very heartwarming but you really need some Elle time! Happy Arting...