Thursday, December 8, 2011

PS the bathroom

 Hmm, PS may not have been a good choice for the title.  LOL

But to do a quick sum up:

This is the inspiration for a custom shower curtain.  This family is all about flowers and growing things.

While the sewing is going on, I've past on an old favorite from many years ago.  Actually, I'm thinking that my daughter, Cari, is behind me about 15- 20 years in her decorating so a lot of my older stuff works great for her.  Isn't it neat how our style evolves and becomes age appropriate.

It is very hard to nail teeny tiny nails in a tiny recessed spot.  They could use adjusting.  I had two dancing geese but I managed to knock their heads off in one fell swoop!  I tried, and tried, AND tried to glue the heads back on, even with stabilizing  green tape but I realized I was wasting time on a minor while the majors were standing at ease.  So there will be no cute dancing geese even if the gal's periwinkle bonnet matched the paint perfectly.  The other pair has ordinary blue.  vbsigh

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