Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WOW Delegating a WHIMM

The line up for the bathroom at my DD's  was so long I neglected to take a picture of the wonderful world of periwinkle and white.  Gone are the fishes and hello to flowers.  I shall add an edit for the new bathroom when I return from my last long day.

I had given my daughter a piece of fabric with embroidered flowers on it.  She fussy cut each one with the intention of making a quilt.  She and I both have collected periwinkle fabrics.  So the bathroom colour sparked all kinds of happy thoughts.  It was my intention to take these squares and surround them with the various periwinkle fabrics for a shower curtain.  Patchwork shower curtains are so much fun to make in simple block patterns with the serger.  I add a folded strip of fabric across the top and space button holes for the shower hooks.  They can be hemmed or even finished with a binding for a quilt look.  A clear liner keeps it dry.

With all the cleaning and redecorating completed my daughter will have time for sewing.  :^)   I have decided to take this particular WHIMM (work hidden in my mind) and transfer it to my DD's worktable.  I shall take the embroidered squares, the fabrics, and my serger to her newly organized laundry/sewing area and she can oversee the kiddies playing on the other side of it while she plants her flowers in the periwinkle bathroom's shower curtain.

And me, I'll spend the morning hemming the kiddies' curtains, making the 2 valences for the master bedroom and one cushion for the piano bench.  Then it will be off for the final tweaking.

Little e and I joke about our new business.  When my Rooster commented on how the periwinkle bathroom added the bit of sparkle to the house colour scheme we were so impressed we invited him  into our newly formed company. ( another whimm)   No.  Did he want to think about it? He had and NO!  LOL

Yesterday we were joined by a young gal and her mother.  We had lots of fun.  Mum was stuck cleaning the bathroom while her daughter organized the kids' toys and decorated their bulletin board.  Little e touched up the painting and I tried to get the oops off the floor.  We were invited to come over in the new year to their house.  High Five!  Our first job!  ROFLOL  But first I'll have to put my own nest back together as I've done a lot of robbing Peter to pay Paul!

And while you await the peek into the bathroom, please find a seat. I'll be putting my feet up and serving tea tomorrow!

I had this shower curtain from years ago and it'll be the stand in until the real flowers arrive. LOL


Verna G said...

I wonder if i could claim you as my Mother and have my house decorated. What a wonderful job you have done!

Sheila said...

I second Verna , you can come do some decorating for me too :-)

HollyM said...

Too bad, we're so far away!

M-R Charbonneau said...

You crack me up, Elle! I'm intrigued about that shower curtain. Never thought to do something like that. My DH will not thank you for this. ;)

Ellen said...

Very funny and very creative! I could use a lot of decorating at my house.