Wednesday, December 14, 2011

wow Art, is that you?

 Blogging brings many beneficial things into my life and unto my work table.  I began following 3 Creative Studios a couple of years ago and I've learned lots and actually have some finished projects to show for it.  That is always the making of a snoopy dance.  :)  But nothing stays static and this opportunity is drawing to a close.  The final challenge is due for the 16th.

I had thought to do something to incorporate much of what I've learned but I think I'll stick to KISS and use a lighter touch.

The digital stuff intrigues me and I want to explore that more.  I bought a book, Digital Expressions by Susan Tuttle and I'm ready to shop for Photoshop.  I printed this out but it is too predictable.

So I cut it up and scanned and printed it out unto some of my hand dyed fabric.  hmm, I'm not sure why it printed blue/green but I am low on ink.  I shall be reading my new book with a pencil, paper and a highlighter!   lol

I stamped some more,  I carved a stamp and I rubbed a paint stick over a portion.

I had ordered some new thread, went searching for some of the goodies I've been saving and I'm asking Art to rise from the work surface.  lol

He is not a genie, is he?  I need to put together the things I've learned, the inspiration I've found and set aside time to experiment.

Which brings me to The Needle and Thread Network.   Every Wednesday Canadians are invited to show what is on their worktable through the blog set up by Monika.  I'm enjoying all the inspiration.  I'm appreciating  the discipline that this brings as I keep the Wednesday commitment.  There is also the benefit of feed back as well as seeing your work through the 'blogging lens'.  And once we reach 100 followers,  special guests will be invited to post so the learning will continue.

And who knows?   Art just might be a regular workmate on the ol'  Wednesday Worktable!



Dandelion and Daisy said...

Do we get to see the finished piece? Like the stamp you carved. Stamp carving is my new addiction and may require a 12 step program, especially since I'm never sure what to do with them.......fabric stamping has intriging possibilities that I hadn't thought about!

HollyM said...

I like the start you've made at least. I also want to pick up Photoshop sometime soon and try some new things.

Deb said...

Wow! That's really creative not to mention clever.
And thanks for the link to 3 Creative about inspiration!

HollyM said...

I love how you jump in and experiment! I'm sure we would have lots of fun if we lived closer. I look forward to seeing where you go with this piece.

Michelle in Saskatoon said...

This looks like an interesting process, and I like the color that the printer made. Not only that but I've learned that carving stamps can be a whole new activity to get intrigued by. said...

I love all your experimentation too! I just ordered some dye/paints, so I'll be doing a lot more of this with you too. What will you do with all your samples? Background? Cloth book/journal? : ) Keep it all! : )

Leanne said...

Looks like fun! I have to miss the odd Wednesday when things get too hectic but I agree, it is good to have the regular check in.