Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A warm welcome

It is cold outside so c'mon in and get warm.

This back porch is level with the ground so one looks up towards the kitchen door or down into the basement from the entry door.  The picture sets the the theme for the whole house.  Actually we started in the porch first but chose the colour last.  Green didn't seem like a good fit and I wanted something that wouldn't show too much dirt. Cantaloupe was an inspired decision.  This is a stucco finish and took 2 gallons of paint and could use more!  whoa!

The kitchen door is at the top of a few steps and has a nice landing.  Hmm, when I go today I'll be checking the length of those curtains.  Hopefully it looks like that because the windows are at different levels.  I had bought the two candle holders at Michael's for a bargain price but could never find the right place for them.  They work great here.  I don't begrudge the holders which really were cheap but the two round candles...  yikes!  They better throw a very warm ambiance!

No, I don't have to check.  I folded them together when I took them.  It is an optical illusion!  lol  I was almost getting too warm, like hot under the collar, as I've no time to redo things.  It is on into the kitchen for some hot tea.  But first...

My assistant is getting the new door handles in place and you can't quite see the steam rising from her ears as she, herself, heats up!

But it was a long trip so you may want to use the bathroom first.   I think you'll find it very refreshing.

But you might want to wait a minute till I can find and put the door handle back in place.  It was a very warm feeling when the door shut and there was a latch but no knob.  oops!  I hope the line up doesn't get too long for this very tiny little room.

And while you are waiting I'll just hang some curtains in the kitchen and find some cups and saucers.


It is not an optical illusion. But I had made two identical valences.  I had also made one for the kitchen door until I realized I wanted to put a white battenburg hanging inside the kitchen door instead. In my haste I put the old door curtain on the window.  sheesh

Here is the better  but late at night photo.


Judy said...

Thanks for the tour! I like the warm color that you chose for the walls. It's always a lot of work to paint. Did you weave the rug in front of your door?

Createology said...

Love the warm welcome entry. Fabulous progress dear.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a lovely makeover. That entry is very warm and inviting. Not sure what you meant by "folding them together." Were you talking about the candles or the curtains or ???

Twisted Quilts said...

Looks great. My kitchen is a similar color to cantaloupe. I thought I might get tired of it but I still love it. Most people come into my house through the kitchen and it is a warm welcoming color. We took down wallpaper when we painted an didn't do a very good job so the walls have sort of a stucco look. I like the texture. Good choice.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Just too darn cute! But, watching you is wearing me out!

HollyM said...

I love the cantaloupe color. It's very warm, almost Mediterranean looking. It's all going to be lovely.

BJ said...

LOVE the colour! I have a bathroom in that colour.