Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Motivation

I don't decorate for a holiday; I decorate for a season and winter officially starts this week.  And we have actually been having some snow fall.  It has been decidedly brown lately, frozen, but brown.

I'm also feeling the pressure of the new year calendars that are piling up on the desk.  In fact there are lots of piles now that I'm looking around.

So since it is good to be motivated and to move in that motivation, I am shoving furniture all about and changing things up. I'm doing a non spring cleaning.  I'm also studying some of the piles of books I have stacked in various and sundry locations.  I think that they will be part of the motivation behind the 2012 goals.

I'm always merry when I am motivated.

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MarveLes Art Studios said...

And a fine M&M day to you... shoving furniture around; rearranging, taking stock... is what I deem my reward for cleaning! LOL Great motivation, indeed!