Monday, December 26, 2011

HO Ho ho

This is as complicated as decorating gets in our house

Because my daughter is in her first trimester of pregnancy and she has established the tradition of family day at her house on the 25th,  I scooped up the grand kiddies on the 23rd.  The race is on for the rush to Gram'elle's house for fun, food and fiddling around.

Now some are faster than others!  And I don't have to be fast with the proper coins because these grand kiddies haven't yet figured out these big creatures actually move!  ho, ho , HO!

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Createology said...

What great fun for you and the littles. Your decortating is far more than mine this year as we were gone so much. I still have Halloween and Thanksgiving decor to put away. YUCK!
Hope your Christmas was glorious...