Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Comfort Zone

Each time  I rearrange my house I get closer to the ideal.  Last night I was so happy I actually sat down and looked around.  I even brought the stack of books I'm reviewing for 2012 and stacked them for browsing.

I couldn't keep my eyes from looking around. Ambiance!  Even though it was only 5:30 it was dark but I took pictures anyway.

The colours are beginning to jell.  The 2 large decorator florals are just pinned as I consider drapes.  I'm thinking of a wooden valence over the top of this sliding door. The fabric has a dusky red that I once considered for the dining room but now I'm thinking sitting room which has a smaller wall area but should be cozy. I'm also sure the large mirror will stay in this room.   The fabric has a green with some blue in which would be a good colour to recover the aqua chairs.  The walls in the dining room would be pulled from the golden beiges in the fabric.  That front window is a puzzle.  Maybe a valence from the bit of floral fabric that would be left over or maybe I should use it for the foot stool.

But I'm definitely liking the comfort factor.

The quick peek I had at my first book is stretching my comfort zone though.  I thought 12 books for 2012 had a nice ring to it.  But Threads- the Basics and Beyond,  is extensive.  Even if I started tonight  (2nd floor decorating today) and did Nina's manual at the same time, it would take at least 2-3 months.  I'm probably being unrealistically optimistic, too.

More thinking while I pick up pins in the playroom.


HollyM said...

Your home looks lovely and comfy!

greelyrita said...

Your house is a lot bigger inside than the picture of the outside (on your banner) would suggest. ha ha!!

HollyM said...

I'm glad you found your wallet before you had to clean the whole house!
Did you see Margaret's tutorial? I followed the link but when I clicked on the digital collage title something completely different comes up.