Wednesday, October 9, 2013


 I can't believe I really have all this delicious buttery toffee cut up and ready to actually serve to company!  And in bite size pieces that retain their shape.  :)  sweet

It was a kind of red letter day.   The roses have been stunning this year and are still producing. 

We started off early this morning picking raspberries for our morning smoothie.  We have had some hard frosts but the raspberries are still very sweet and plentiful.

After a quick pick up through the house we decided to tackle that last stool for the art room.  I thought I'd have the Rooster tighten those screws down before we stick the little plugs in though. Good thing as he spent a bit of time REALLY sinking those screws in.  oops!

I am not a baking kind of gramma.  So we hunted up a recipe for English Toffee.  It was the very best candy I have ever made!  whoo hoo!  Ha! to all those nay sayers who laughed at my spoon fudge.  ;)  Of course I have to credit my little helpers. And the Roosters thermometer!   :)

Then we made art!  And yes, we painted.

They will be joining the Creativity 101 class and we are finishing up our butterfly books so I wanted them to also have some butterfly pages.

I have to admit that yesterday felt long and the quiet time was very welcome.  But today just flew by and as soon as we'd had a quick rest we were off to collect eggs and they all made it safely back to the house this time.

We gathered up the wheel barrow and headed for the flower beds.  Harvest is happening all around us so Josh is checking out the action  in the field.
The kids are both gonna be gardeners but Eliana had found a kitten and was getting in some cuddle time on the bench.  So Josh was showing me a good hoeing technique.  We had a very productive day.  The Rooster's garden box is just about filled.  He and Josh had to stop to fix Charlotte's waterer.  There is something about water that just makes pigs want to figure out how nozzles work!  lol  A late supper with some sweet toffee for dessert.  We were all in bed early and our dreams were very sweet!


MarveLes Art Studios said...

awesomely sweet day. gifts... each one.

Createology said...

Elle Dear you and Grand Rooster are such wonderful mentors to your fun Littles. That toffee really looks gooey good! Gardening and cuddling and cooking and art is a wonderful way to spend time together. Happy Hugs...

Mary Ann Tate said...

That toffee looks delicious...yum:)

Vicki W said...

I bet they hate it when they have to leave your house. You have so many fun things to do!