Thursday, February 6, 2014

Apples by the bushel

There are an awful lot of apple varieties.  Tame and wild varieties.
And boy, do I have a large variety of journal materials.   It is recommended to have samples of ones supplies because if you can't judge an apple by its skin colour, how easy to be fooled by a pen or paint colour.

This was also a heads up to use up supplies before they dry up! :(

And who says you have to spray those coloured inks.  Dip the old paint brush into the open bottle.  Luv it!

 I started the next lesson and I had to go back and dig through all the plain old pencil crayons that I gave to the grand kiddies 'cause the teacher uses those, too!  :O   I really like using a waterbrush.  It feels a bit more natural in my hand than a paint brush. 

The various supplies have been enumerated and identified. Teacher says there are worse addictions!  lol Lesson two, the cover page was just a go for it and get familiar with them.  I expect improvement and understanding shall be revealed in the next 13 lessons.  I'm kinda excited.  I may be polishing the apples before I hand them out!


Leanne said...

You are always up to such colourful things.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

I hope you post more about this class I'm trying to figure out if I want to take it. I'm getting a little class crazy and it is only February. I need to be a little more selective. It's good to get organized. Joanne is good at that, she makes you go dig all your stuff out and rediscover it. Have fun!

Createology said...

Color Luv 101 is beautiful. It is good to have lots of art supplies. I like a water brush also. It almost seems like a no mistake with just water and no color to mess up things. Color On Dear...

Jo Vandermey said...

Life us all about what you learned in Kindergarten!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

you're having a good time, I can tell! it's a great class! I need to revisit mine again.