Sunday, February 2, 2014

Febrrrrr ary

I can't quite believe that January has been ripped of and replaced by February on my calendar.  I am happy with the plan that I have in place for weekly themes and because it will be a BUSY month I thought to post the Document Your Life Project (DYLP) inspiration for this coming week on Sundays.  This is not pintrest but a watercolour on paper by David Brown Milne.  I got it from the Winnipeg Art Gallery this summer.  The theme for this month will be red as a kind of thumbs up against this relentless cold.

And this is my mixed media piece from Creative Jump Start.  Not quite like the teachers sample but still quite fun.  hmm, maybe I'll spray more water and try again??? :O

I shall continue to mix things up in a warm manner for the month of February!  :)


Dandelion and Daisy said...

Oh! I really like the white piece. Photos never do art justice, I'll bet it is even better in real life! I try to avoid's like a vortex where you could get lost FOREVER. I'm sure it would be a good trip but.......?

Createology said...

Your collage is very interesting. Mr. C and I were just talking about all those rusty washers and bits I save and what have I ever done with them. Well nothing to be exact. Looks like this would be a good project for them. Collage Creativity Dear...