Friday, February 21, 2014

Walking in circles

After a very long town day yesterday I spent the first part of the morning catching up on my blogs and after being greatly inspired I was ready to dash off in at least 5 directions.  But I am doing pretty good at staying focused so I decide to throttle back and I spiraled my way up from the depths of a messy but cold laundry area and contemplated what to do as the hum of the vacuum soothed and sorted all the out of control thoughts.  I definitely need to take a deep breath as is evident by the fact I laced my running shoes without my glasses on!  LOL

ohh, there is a bit of crabby apple happening as I got some matte gel in a quick drive-by Michaels. I want to compare matte medium and matte gel.  Then a quick stop after I returned DD#2 and the grand kiddies to their home to get more (???) washi tape, a mask and a hexi paper sheet I think will make a great stencil.  I also found the big custom die pad.  I so badly want to make some messes but I haven't actually finished a project this week so I need to do that first.  But I always see some great tutorial for art and I scribble down the idea which quickly gets lost in the flotsam and jettsam around the 'puter.  I decide to get that old recipe box the Rooster got at some auction sale and I will write the ideas on the cards  and just pick a card when I am gonna 'make a mess'.  Heck, I'll probably start with painting the box itself. But not today, vbsigh.

My thoughts have been on the Use What You have Decorating book and I am back thinking how to tweak the decor.  I decided not to open the paint can and do the basement stair area. Not today anyway! I have the paint and the wall paper border from who knows when.  It is what I have so I plan on using it.  I might even have some porch floor paint.

I made it as far as the top of the basement stairs.  I decided that I am not liking the kitchen so blaugh.  Also I'm getting annoyed that the front entrance is too crowded.  So I switched up the elm cupboard which the Rooster told me is actually a kitchen cupboard used in the 'olden times'.  Surely he'll approve. That will depend on how much he will be bothered by the tighter squeeze through that doorway.  I'd luv to find an old screen door for that doorway.   Actually it'll really depend on how I can maneuver laundry baskets and how bothered I'll get.  I really do hate that basement.  Can't wait to fill it with gravel and seal it off.  Then the future broom closet will pose no problems. ;~)  But I am circling again.  I may have to actually work/blog overtime this week! 

Ahem, speaking of circling...  Did you notice the white swirling snow outside.  But I am not despairing as the wee geranium start in the window has a cluster of buds! 


Jo Vandermey said...

I have enjoyed catching up with your week. I like the fearless colour....
You can try your water colours on the lutradur.
How come we come up with more ideas than we can execute?

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Your kitchen is really looking good. I would love to use an old screen door inside the house but, alas, have NO where to do that. So, I'll be very envious if you do but I want to see the pictures!

What the world needs more of is time not ideas and cool materials to try, right?

Createology said...

While you were walking in circles with too many creative thoughts I was spending my day at the local Chamber of Commerce. I had so much fun and got to dress a front window with Mardi Gras ephemera and beads. Lots of colors...purple, gold, green and more. Creative Bliss Abounds!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can't believe how far behind catching up on your blog I am. I've had two outages and one included after I got the power back, I didn't have my internet or phone line. So all this set me back two more days. And of course, you are speeding full speed ahead, so it's hard to catch up with you. However, I'm really trying. I have to say, I like your recipe book and your lovely art stamps. I'll take a rosemary potato casserole, but you can keep the sausage (grin).

I love that Valentine wall hanging and the hand dyed fabric. I think hand dyed fabric, when mottled, is awesome.

I got a laugh out of the women in the first row. They needed rocks in their pockets, though (grin).

I keep looking at your frozen and snow covered landscape and wonder if you feel like I do that spring will NEVER get here this year. I hope you will thaw out by then, and the grandees can come back. The hoar frost is lovely, but the sheep may never find their way home.

Had to laugh at those tiny boots. Red, even! And I like where the coffee sewing project is going, but I am not sure where you are going if the asymmetrical doesn't work with the various fabrics you chose.

Someone sent me a couple of 1" squares of those transparent watercolors. I had no idea how to use them until one day I got some water on one of them. Then a lightbulb moment occurred.

I do like your cupboard where you moved it. I am surprise to read you plan to seal your basement off. Obviously, you never get tornadoes (grin).

Have a super day. I'm still reading, but must get this posted, or it's liable to be too long for blogger to post it.

Leanne said...

You might miss the basement if it were gone. I like the old cupboard, I hope your day was lovely in the end.