Saturday, February 1, 2014

When the guests are gone

We do have the best sunrises (and sunsets) here on the prairies!  Course you have to be up early to see them! 
The kids left me some great starts for more mono printing.    Mono printing was demonstrated for the jumpers in Creative Jump Start 2014 and gelli plates were used as well as Plexiglas, and a garbage bag tightly taped around a glass cutting board or hot pad. They give slightly different effects but all work and now I understand why.  I'll be using all three methods.  So I did play and I used some to get my Document Your Life Project moving along and I think I'll be all caught up for the new month.

A start but I shall definitely be tweaking as I go along as I doubt I'll be always adding the fold over.

Week 2 and I'm not sure this week is finished although I did get a lot down on what happened.

Week 3 was add an envelope and I chose a bill as a reminder to stop spending.  ;)  I do like envelopes but this page is a bit bleak. Ha!  Must be I'm mourning the loss of the buy now, pay later plan!

Week 4 was write a secret letter and cover it.  I felt this needed a fold over page and it is no secret that I am determined to find, focus, follow, finish, and finally complete projects.  Now if I could find the paper of what happened this week! :O

Week 5 was a doodled border and I was in a hurry so ...  But I do like these scribbley borders.  This was party week so I can pretty much remember the fill ins. Next week's page is something inspiring, pintrest, which I am steadfastly resisting as I have too many inspiring ideas already!  It'll be great to actually write in the prepared pages instead of looking for scraps of paper that have gone missing! ;) I need to make the monthly tabs.   I also anticipate a gradual change in my style as the weeks unfold.

The guests may be gone but it was a wild time in the playroom yesterday.  I'll  clean up after I share some highlights.

The Creative Jump Start  party is ending except for the dispensing of some party favours. Now I will not be quite so hasty in doing a thorough cleaning up in the party aftermath.  So many useful objects that are used as tools or actually become art!  Who knew?  lol  Here are a few of my favourites:

I pulled the cardboard off a box, soaked it and I now have kraft paper with lovely lines on one side and the inside makes wonderful paper mache that makes very light weight embellishments.  I already knew about the molds for fondants and cake decorating but I was thinking clay.  I have been  saving cereal boxes and I saved the brown paper from my new curtain rods. I can't wait to try more shapes which get a bit of gesso, some paint and an whole new life!!!

So many utensils and tools that make marks although there is always a market for special gadgets.  I'm slowly converting to homemade sprays or at least modifying the compositions of bought ones by diluting or remixing for custom colours.  Coffee and tea solutions can be sprayed on for antiquing purposes.   I am better understanding matte verses gloss,  gel medium verses matte medium, various glues,  and cheap verses artist grade and professional.  Everything works but not everywhere. ;)  The format was a video from the teacher and then a forum for the class where questions were answered and that alone was worth the money.

I absolutely luved this bubble wrap technique.  It was demonstrated with the small sized bubbles and I had to try it with the big ones.  Woo Hoo!  Talk about champagne!  I really get high when I get into the bubbly!  :) Hint- see the parchment paper, you melt coloured bubblewrap.

Dripping, spreading acrylic paint onto a nonstick surface means you can pick it up and lay it down on something else when it drys.  I do like this concept but I need more practice.  It does work with a stencil as well but the parts need to be connected and I need to practice the amount.  The white silicon sheet doesn't work as slick to my mind.

This was a blast and not exactly furthering my goal for more fibre related projects.  And I am sure I can't possibly find a spot for found objects in all their variety and abundance.  But...  totally fun.  I didn't have a prepared canvas and was not prepared to like it so much.  Therefore I just used a cereal box cut down to size.  Then a hunt for stuff, i.e. junk.  I'm still wondering if I should add more.  Pearl dots???  LOL  Then we were to gesso everything.  gnash, gnash!  Then you sprinkle dry coloured pigment and spritz with water.  I didn't know if I had such a thing. I did sprinkle something on the tray and tried spritzing and it works. :)   Now, I am gonna hyper down and consider what colours.  That done I think the tea stain spray kinda antiques everything.   I shall post the finished product when the effects of the bubbly wear off!  ;)

It is gonna take the rest of the day to restore some sort of order to the Coop and Saucer Playroom which has my cups in hiding and the long stemmed champagne glasses are clanging and splashing bubbles all about.  I wonder if there are any half full bottles left???  


Createology said...

Where have I been? Missing so many posts of yours really reminds me the days are already zooming along. I think I will participate in the Documented Life Project however I am seriously behind and over-committed. Love how you are staying busy playing. Creative Bliss Dear...

Monika Kinner said...

Yeah - What she said! Elle - you are just pouring creativity. I love this! I need to sit down and enjoy your blog. Wow. Love that journal page with your face in it. So beautiful - what a great process. You inspire me.