Thursday, February 20, 2014

Walking fearlessly

The current Color Love 101 lesson uses Nicholson's Peerless Transparent Watercolors.  I was not at all familiar with these.  The colour is on the cards and a wet brush picks up the paint.  slick!

I opened the package and sorted them according to colours.  I was thinking they were kinda similar.  I started the lesson and uhm, these are the backs! LOL

You do need swatch cards for these.
We punched holes and attached them to a ring.  I decided to see what would happen with the punch outs.  They have lots of  juice!

The original colours are on the right hand page and the various blends I tried are on the left.  Joanne had told us to be fearless as we used the colours and fearless I was!  :)


MarveLes Art Studios said...

very freeing... to be fearless, isn't it?! they are a beautiful product... the only thing is that I find they easily transfer to my fingers! beautiful samples, tho, miss elle!

Createology said...

I have seen where someone (maybe Lori of elviestudio) puts down watercolor pencil scribbles on paper for traveling and then a water brush allows you to use the colors in painting. Brilliant! Your cards really are fun and look like a party for water and brush. Playing Joy...