Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Apples for the teachers

I really like taking classes on the Internet.  I am learning which ones to take and how I like to work.

I have been following  ...And Then We Set It On Fire:.. which is a technique blog with guests and resident artists.  There are monthly focuses and I am even going to help my friend with one month.  I think every month will be interesting and I want to make opportunity to follow along.  This month is low immersion dyeing.  I've done a bit, want to do more and have lots of things to learn.  It certainly fits in perfectly with my fibre related goals. And I do have some supplies! ;)

Late in 2013 I signed up for Color Love 101 with Joanne Sharpe.  It is all about how to use watercolours and all the mediums,  pens and pencils available to make lovely art journals.  By the time I accumulated what I needed life had moved on and I had a hard time clearing a spot in my calendar.  Last week Joanne kindly got me signed back in as I'd lost my info so I could begin.  I daren't draw this out as I have lots of things to do this year.  oops, sorry for the pun!  There are 15 lessons and 25 videos.  I don't know if I can actually do everything in one month but I am sure gonna try.

DD#2, mother to my grand kiddies is concerned about my cooking skills.  I can cook.  I do cook.  But it is definitely NOT where I get my creative jollies!  ;~)  The Rooster luvs to cook and plan and experiment.  I say, "Have at it!".   I am a very plain cook. Fast and easy is my main requirement.  I am also a vanilla ice cream and white cake type.  :(   Since I was diagnosed as Gluten Intolerant my baking skills have solidified, well, actually shriveled right up!  :O  So she thinks I need a personalized cook book and although she hardly needs recipe books herself, she's been gifted with Mennonite ones.  There are some great GF recipes.   I am hopeful of eating Kielke (noodles) again!  She lives in a Mennonite town and they do cook wonderfully.  Anyway we went over her books and with the help of the grand kiddies I have earmarked possibilities and will try to get at least a B- in cooking class.  I did perk up when I realized that I could do the illustrations in this, my very own, cookbook!  Last night was roasted vegetables.  The Rooster has kindly supplied a nice flavourful meatloaf. :) I only got a C- as I stuck a fork into the potatoes and they had cooked wonderfully.  I forgot to test the turnips and the carrots! :(  VBSigh

I might have to eat a few apples myself, but there is a slim to no chance that I'll ever do pies!  LOL  ahem, I can make a great apple crisp but with vanilla ice cream; and a possible gourmet upgrade to butterscotch ripple.  Have NO fear.  This will never turn into a food blog! 


Margaret said...

I only admitted a few years ago that I don't really enjoy cooking. I like to bake but living alone have little need, considering I don't want to turn into a blimp! My slow cooker is my BFIK (Best Friend in the Kitchen)!

How do I love them apples? All ways -- including the ones I can see you're going to put in your journal!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Good, 'cause I'm not a cooker either. I raised four kids, that' enough cooking thank you very much! The gluten free thing isn't that much of a sacrifice there are so many substitute products available now. My saying is "as long as I can still have sugar, everything is fine!" I've found sugar goes as well with rice flour as with wheat. Hubby was my cook for several years but I offered to help out, you can guess how that went! Stay warm. We live in a Mennonite town, too, several large churches in our area of Oregon. We aren't, but we have several nice neighbors who are.

Mary Ann Tate said...

I just discovered The Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog last week. Some really good recipes on there.

Createology said...

You my dear are on a very creative roll with each of your wonderful posts. I am intrigued with all of your creative efforts. Cooking is not my favorite passtime either. All those hours preparing and cooking and then it is eaten and destroyed in just a few minutes. Why bother? Let me sew or paper collage or... Blissful Joy Dear...