Saturday, February 15, 2014

The S word!


My goodness, if I get off the path to the chicken coop I have to wade through waist high snow drifts!  The three calves are not impressed.   Large areas of the fences are buried and the sheep will be going wheresoever they want if they decide to lift their heads from their hay bales long enough to gaze around!  Lambing starts this month because the ram decided to set his own schedule!!!  :O

A short visit but we packed a lot of stuff into the time we had.  The arrival of MORE snow sent them back on the highway early.  It is turning into a long season!


I'm still in class and I do luv my water brush. It is very portable but I will be looking for another container that is a wee bit deeper.  This is actually my applique container.  One lesson was an exercise in using limited colours.  And just why can't a sky be yellow!  ;~)

I am continuing to add recipes to my cookbook.  I googled some smoothie ideas and decided to shake things up a bit more.  The bread section is actually the biggest part of the book. 

I gessoed my binder and sprayed over my happy lady!!! S'nice!  I will probably find more recipes but the book is basically done.  Now to get some smudges on the pages.  lol

Wish I could say my wall hanging top was together but the table is covered with mixed media stuff and the last few triangles require a math style thinking cap. ;~)

The new day timer is working great and I  got this week's DYLP pages finished up.

The coming week is a flap on a flap and I wasn't going to do flaps all the time but as I was doing this one I started thinking that my diary of each day could be behind the fold over page. It might be more visually pleasing. Something to consider for the following week.

So this week has been sweet and kinda salty.  A nice taste sensation that makes for some lip smacking.  


Createology said...

I thought S was for Snow however I see it is for Sweet, Salty, Sensation and Smacking. Love all your projects. The Littles must LOVE to play at Gramma Elle's!
Stay Safe Sweet Elle...

Threadpainter said...

Snow has become a dreaded word this year ! A few sunny days makes up for so much … hope the sun comes out to play for you !

Vicki W said...

You may be covered in snow but it's clear that there's nothing but fun going on at your house.

Leanne said...

Maybe you need to break out the show shoes to stay on top of the drifts? Your books are very colourful and pretty.

Mary Ann Tate said...

Yesterday it was snowing but there wasn't a cloud in the is that possible? Looks like lots of fun stuff is happening at your house.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh you have been busy despite the snow. I myself seem to be in hibernation mode. Perhaps reading your stuff more often would motivate me!