Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sweet Grace

I found this picture on Face Book this morning.  Dear Lord, I want to be in the front row.  Hopefully with a good grip on my skirt though! LOL

I did a Meyers-Briggs personality test the other day and I have been contemplating it.  By the grace of God, I am what I am.  Interestingly, My Rooster is the same as me except for percentages and the last letter.  He is for mercy and I for judgement.  :O  My misidentifying him was from lack of understanding of some of the key words. I do keep a dictionary by the computer and a few around the house. ;~)  He is a front rider.  I do try to hang onto his coat tails.  Grace is the desire and the ability to do what is in you to do!  Becomingness, the air with which something is done, if you like.  Understanding helps me become who I am meant to be.  It is a creative process, unique to me.

I digress.

But I decided this morning to work on my own personal recipe book, as per DD#2's suggestion.  My first page is a printout of the above photo and sets the tone for my collection.  I used the dictionary to double check some spellings.  I want to get the happiness factor up in my meal prep.  I want to include grace.

I didn't exactly embrace cooking,  just the cook book but I am doing it 'my way'! And doing it for me, my way...  Well, it took me 5 hours (which is the biblical number for grace) to make my title pages and I had a SWEET time.  That happens when you please yourself.  I need to do it more often!   It makes me grateful.

First section is drinks.  If I could I'd do smoothies all the time.  They are my breakfast and sometimes my lunch.  I can eat on the run!  This page was inspired by the Joggles video of the week.  I can't say enough good things about this site.

 Toast is my comfort food and the Mennonites are onto gluten free bread.  Woo hoo!  I liked making bread.  I hope to like it again!  Baking powder biscuits.  Bring them on!!! I tried spreading my Gelatos all round and over the dictionary page.  A basic and harmonious colour family.  Pasta will go in here as well.

Vegetables that aren't liquefied!  They pack a lot of GO power.  I found an old gelli plate paper and broke open a coloured ink pad. I do like borders on my pages.  This section has my first recipe which was roasted veggies and I added a note to check ALL the veggies for doneness!  ;~)

The Rooster is fanatical about having our own meat.  Raw meat doesn't turn my crank so I roast most everything while he seasons, sautees, slices, smacks, and smokes, ETC!  This will be a thin section but I'm starting to get pretty creative with the pages! I sprayed ink but then after I lifted the paper towel I ended up using a brush to soften and fill in the main attraction.  I even started to go back and add more to the first pages. 

I'm a snacker, crackers, cookies and chips.  So paper towels for fingers are necessary.  I also discovered that the ubiquitous glue stick is very under rated.  It is going to be my favourite glue for most things now.  :)

I'm on a roll with one dish meals.  Prep time is minimal and I can get back to reading catalogues.  Hmm, I may need to jazz up the tag some more.

 Sweet Desserts!  I'm a cookie person and these gals are into all kinds of sweet things.  This will also be a slim section as DD#2 shares her expertise in this department.  I hadn't considered the significance but deli paper is certainly appropriate for this divider.   sweet!

Sauces for my beloved noodles. Soul food!  If you haven't tried corn noodles you are missing a delicious treat!  YUM!!!  We schedule soup for one night a week, Thursdays,  which happens to be tonight and gave me lots of creative time because the Rooster is a production cook, making his own broths and stock.  My soup skills are sinking as he does large stockpots and freezes supper portions.  Supper is thawing as I type.  lol   This page is a good lesson in a basic broth that was kinda boring so I just kept on adding and adding and I really like it.

Odds and Ends!    Another page I just couldn't leave alone.  The oops! was because I inked up a back of the clear stamp for goodness sakes!  Grace turns an oops!  into a creative opportunity.  And for that I am very thankful!


Createology said...

How very creative your pages are for your very own personal cookbook. I think the making of it will also make the cooking a bit more fun...maybe? I personally like my slow cooker as I just fill it, set it and forget it! Dinner is served...
P.S. Too bad I forget to do any cooking far too often.

Unknown said...

Very nice ... wish I could see Dad's face the first time he tries to find something in it.

Don't forget the English toffee recipe.

I don't see any food prep smudges on these pages?

And in your new-found enthusiasm for cooking try to keep the borscht off the ceiling :)