Sunday, February 23, 2014

Breaking into a sprint to cross the finish line

I quilted the leftovers for a wee mat!  If I can find the right thread I believe I have a plan for the big wall hanging.

I styled the big chest which the Rooster needs to turn his glue and his attention to.  I will antique the left hand birdhouse.  No screen door because to have it swing into the landing would wipe out the light and then wedge itself into the slope for the upstairs stairs.  To swing into the kitchen makes no sense with the chest there.  A louvered bi-fold door would work.  sad sigh

Then I put masking tape where two Ikea ledges would go and yup!  It works. This arrangement will cover the worst screw holes until I can get to Ikea,  patch the worst and mount the shelves.

Across the way is the Rooster's command centre. One of them anyway!  He has all those six baskets holding six aspects of his life.  lol

I wanted to show the entrance mat.  It ties most everything together and all I have left is to figure out the shade of paint I need.  Most satisfying Saturday as I 'shopped the house'!  This hall feels so much lighter, brighter, wider!  Now if I can figure where to stash the extra chairs we regularly need! ;)

I haven't intended to be posting on the weekends but this was all about finishing last week's goals. 

Last week's DYLP pages turned out well.  I used the gel medium to adhere the dark navy branch.  The over flap with the long strips of paper for journaling work great!

This week's prompt is to collage a recycled item.  I put a watercolour page inside a cd envelope and I have the backgrounds drying.  My flap will be a scrapbook paper. 

Gosh., Monday is only a few rotations of the clock away!   But I finished!!!  pant, pant


MarveLes Art Studios said...

hey snow bound lady, i love how you "shopped the house!" NICELY done! and... i wish i could contain my important stuff into six baskets! {maybe super large ones?!} xo have a great week my friend!

Margaret said...

Lovin' this peek at your lovely home and your decorating ideas (and hopes and plans). Clearly I need to do a bit of the same...Stay warm!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh wow. I'm in love with the way you staged that big chest. I actually like the bird house white, but I can see where the color doesn't work well where you have it. I can understand why you had to post on the weekend. After all, you have SO much going on.

Createology said...

Shopping the house is actually quite fun when we stage things in different locations and purposes. Your rooms look wonderful. You have really gotten so much done in the home front and your DYLP. Rest and ready for the final week of February dear...