Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Luv apple? I think not!

I seem to have a luv/hate relationship with Dylusions Ink Sprays.  I like the idea of spraying things.  I like the colours.  I've learned you can dilute them and even make your own mixes.  Cool!  But every time  I use them I swear I am not going to do it again. :O

They blend and mix wonderfully.  I like the backgrounds.  They are impressive.

I understand the ghosting process of removing some of the colour with water .  I now know that dark colours show the ghosting best. But I cannot seem to get distinct ghosts!  ;)
  I even tried using a baby wipe to remove some of the colour.  That looks a bit better.

The place I get the most colour removal is from the paper towels and the wipe ups.  :(

If you spray the White Linen down first and then spray the brighter colours they make wonderful pastels.  Luv it! 

If you want to do anything else with these pages the colours run.  Stamping seems not to be a problem but if you want to glue down or add some gel or matte medium to anything there is smearing. It just irritates the dickens out of me.

I did learn that if you pour some White Linen onto the blank ink pads it makes a wonderful white ink pad.  You can get a clear stamped impression.  So I tried that because stamping can be a last step and I do like white images and lettering.

But the white does react with the background.  Not terrible but not clear either.

 So I did try it on some Maya Mist which does mix when it is wet but dries permanent.   That I luv!

It has been THAT kind of day!   The harder I try and the hurrierd (sp???) I get,  the further behind I am!
Lesson learned:  I really mix medias. Collaging on top of these inks doesn't work, at least for me.  They are best with dry additions like archival or stazon ink pads and pens.  Cut out images with double sided tape on the back would work.  
I don't really have time but that hasn't stopped me before so I shall do one quick try with my permanent sprays and then I best clean up and get sewing.  I may need to polish a nice apple for the spray teachers!!!  lol

But it does kinda reminds me that I really do like white!  And, yes, this is apparently a real flower!


What Comes Next? said...

how frustrating! They seem to have so many good aspects - I hope the permanent spray helps

Createology said...

I am glad you are the one doing this media. I love the colors but hate the mess. You are brave to even keep experimenting. I like you results. If only they don't smear! This flower looks like little dancing girls. Creative Bliss Dear...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That may be why I haven't been wooed into buying any of these inks. It's much cheaper and easier to make my own, which does not run because I'm using glue as the binder. I feel your pain, though. I have some made by Ranger that aren't shimmery and they turn my hands a vivid color when I use them. I hope you figure out how to best go about solving the problem, because I'm certainly no help.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

I really don't like Dylusion Ink for that reason. Since I'm not a quick learner, I've totally messed up two pieces by 1. trying to seal it with matte medium and 2. adding color over with a brush! It has to be the last coat or you might be able to spray it with a fixative to seal it and then paint over it. So, I'm making my own sprays with craft paint and water. I've used Ranger Distress Ink to make sprays, too, but it has been a while. I like your final product.....you just have to play by the rules which you pretty much did!!!