Thursday, October 31, 2013


I have a number of errands to run today and I could use one of these wigs the grand kiddies tried on at their local thrift shop.  My hair is at that in between stage that makes smooth coiffures tricky.

Creativity 101 featured the booklet we'd made last week. My gal painted most of the backgrounds green, her favourite colour.  The theme has now been decided and it'll be Christmas.  First technique was to spread some white stuff on all that green grass.  ;)  Lines were laid down for snow banks.  But green still figures prominently in our first pages where the hunt for the perfect tree will be portrayed.  Trees are just lines that have been enclosed, completing  a shape.  Lines also give direction and we talked about moving our eyes around but not out of the page. Using the shape of a triangle we exaggerated it to make three spruce trees in different sizes.  We are also learning to practice a bit before we commit to the actual page. ;)  Next week we commit.

I have challenged myself to use a blue monochromatic colour scheme for this week's scrapbook page. "The range of different blues is enormous, and using too large a selection can end in disaster.  There is a vast difference in tone and atmosphere between a greenish blue, like turquoise, and one that veers towards mauve.  The wisest and safest course is to experiment with different degrees of one shade, using it deeper or lighter as needed or adding one of the gray-tinged neutrals as a highlighter."  I don't often use blue.  If I do, it is usually  robin's egg blue which is heavily influenced by green.  "Turquoise is the trickiest of all the blue-greens. It is really in a color class of its own and rarely blends well with other blues unless the very lightest or darkest shades are chosen."  My favourite colour!  :O

 So I deliberately steered clear of my blue-greens and tried my hand at regular old blue which I don't have very much of. I don't have many embellishments either.  I'll need to be creative to use what I have for a successful layout. 

I continue to move fabric around the wall hanging as I chase those tricky bits of sunshine and shadow.  Blur is good for the squint test but I think I am needing a new camera as it is slow in some light conditions and the on button is very tricky and needs a deep press on one side.  :O  Hey, time to treat myself!

Today's trick will be to get my errands successfully completed and back before the colourful grand kiddies arrive for supper. Another treat!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The kiddos look really happy to be trying on those wigs. I have seen so many international blogs aren't even celebrating today. So, Happy Halloween.

I had the same problem with my old Kodak camera. Eventually the on/off button fell into the case, never to be seen again.

Createology said...

The Littles are such fun and ever so cute. Now if you can just find a really pretty turquoise curly wig for those in-between hair days. :o)
Creativity 101 is having lots of fun. Your wall hanging is looking fabulous as you tweak it. New camera??? Then you will have to learn it and that will take you away from being crafty!

Margaret said...

I could've used on one those wigs last week, before I got my regular trim! LOL!

Glad to see your young artist had some blue spruce in amongst the greener ones. I love blue spruce. :-)