Tuesday, February 25, 2014

If at first...

Try Again!

I used the spays I knew to be permanent.  The nozzles are dicey and the Heidi Swapp Color Shine seems very user friendly. The spray on the Mister Huey's sprays blobs and Maya Mist kinda goes off to one side.  i.e. my hand but that could be operator error!  :O

I sprayed and dried and over sprayed.  I was happy.  I will use a brush to move spray around but this dried quickly.  Hmm, I shoulda maybe have tried to spray some water as they will move but are permanent once they do dry. 

Then I used acrylic to lighten the centre area and had no problem.

I added paint pen and washi tape which tends to lift so I always use something to glue down the edges. My brush stayed pretty white.  :)

I used some more acrylic to add some stencilling and again was happy and added pen marks to the mix.

Then I smeared to mute everything again.  I was following some gal's advice. ;-)

One bit of smearing on the left bottom but the pen may not have dried.  I am hasty!  lol

And speaking of hasty I stopped taking photos in the mad frenzy of creativity.  But I collaged, I stamped, I sprayed more spray through a stencil and I tweaked!!!  Wish I'd trimmed the ragged white edge from the large rectangular photo so I tried to deliberately smudge the edges. I also stamped with the Dylusions White Linen using a grunge stamp. It was okay!  If I was the teacher I'd give me a B+.  But I am also gonna get a detention if I don't get back to the homework for today! 

I will add that these products all work. Success comes from understanding  how they work and also how the one who uses them works.  I will just try to remember that the Dylusion Ink Sprays are for small 'm' mixed media and not for when I want to get real messy and mix things up in a major way. Lesson learned- Keep creating and don't give up!


Mary Ann Tate said...

Very pretty:)

Threadpainter said...

Wow ! … looks like fun !
Could be very time consuming , having that much fun !

Leanne said...

These books are pretty but is it wrong to ask what you do with them? I can see just enjoying the colours and patterns and motifs, but is there another purpose.

Createology said...

Vibrant colors even with all your layering and muting...I love them! So happy you had success. The fun of playing pays off for you dear...