Friday, January 1, 2010

Drum Roll Please

A blue moon as the year goes out and a blue moon as it comes in. It's gonna be a banner year!

The theme for 2010 is Triple F
This stands for lots of things:
Fun, Food, Friends
Fast, Furious, Funky
Find it, Fix it, or Forget it.
But especially FOCUS, FIDDLE, and FINISH
Chickens just naturally lay eggs. Some hide their eggs. But broody hens collect eggs, hide them, sit or brood over them and then happily bring them out for show and tell when the mission has been accomplished. My plan for this year is to stop being an ordinary chick, dropping eggs hither and yon and running around with those noisey roosters. I'm gonna brood! I'll not be scooping up any old eggs, just my own from wherever they have rolled. Some may have passed the 'due date' and those I'll just bury. Pee Yew! Some may be duds and they'll get the same treatment. But if I patiently brood and keep my mind on the goal I'll have something for show and tell when all the other biddys bring out their own successful hatches. I wanna be in the Easter Parade, the Santa Parade and especialy my very own New Years Parade.
The Formula 1 race is about to begin. Ladies, prepare your nests.


Twisted Quilts said...

Broody hen? Interesting. I will FOCUS, FIDDLE AND be FUNKY. Happy new year and good brooding.

Unknown said...

Mine is feathered and ready for more eggs. May my eggs and your eggs all be beautiful and lively. :D

Cheryl Arkison said...

What a great New Year's post!