Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Setting BOM Jewels

I'm taking a break from the more physical stuff and I'm setting the BOM jewels in their setting. They really are bright, glowing and multifaceted.

I can't find the setting I had in mind. Darn files; what good are they if you can't find your bright ideas. So I drew out a rough plan and began to cut and sew.

I thought squares of the very dark secondary theme fabric would be perky.

But after a few are in place I'm not liking them beside some of the blocks. I auditioned a few sashing possibilities with yellow a strong desire but I'm thinking green. The final choice really is a new one and not in the blocks.

Now I'm not liking the fact that some blocks will butt directly to the thin enclosing border.

I am also NOT a fan of those solid chunks of fabric for a final border so I am resisting that theme fabric on the outside. I'd hoped for dark of night or at the least some some early morning inspiration. There doesn't seem to be any forthcoming so it looks like another play day today.

1 comment:

KatieQ said...

I love the color combos in your blocks. I always hesitate to offer advice on placement because I'm not good with color and sashing, but have you considered putting these blocks on point?