Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Art's Garden

Not the homeowner's name but perhaps a little poetic license is allowed!
I am not at all familiar with urban gardens but this garden was chosen for a number of reasons. It is a fairly simple garden that relys on greenery rather than flowers. There is about a foot rise from the patio floor to the back of the yard. It requires no steps but is such a treat in our relatively flat area. This grouping of houses has no fences and yet the area is very private. It relys on trees, shrubs and a few screens around private patios. Very pleasant.
No gardening for me today. There are areas that are ankle deep with water in my back yard. Good to know where the fill needs to go when we level the ground! 8) But people are starting to talk about summer being a wash. Good thing I can make my own rainbows and I'll be washing them out this morning. The sun is supposed to peek out sometime. I'll be taking the opportunity to wade out to the clothes line which turns out to be one of the areas that needs leveling!

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