Thursday, August 13, 2009

C is for cooking creatively

An all night lightening and thunder show must have inspired me because I managed to stay inside and have a creative day. I'd forgotten that I'm supposed to be giving food a little more consideration but I got inspired to try corn flour tortillas for lunch. They hardly have a recipe and I do better with specific guidelines but it worked. I'd add more salt and I definitely need to work on the shape. There was a slight haze in the air while they were cooking so temperature needs some adjusting. But I rather impressed myself.

Son # 3's laundry showed up and I had to get that all out of the way for dyeing. Seems like I was still into cooking mode as I spent considerable time washing sealers. I have lots of canning jars so I figure they'd be best. Pints for the dyes, 2 quart sealers for the small gradation batches and then gallons for the 'parfaits'. I also did some big ice cream pails as they are recommended. But I only have so much fabric so I've been trying to re figure some things and math is NOT my strong suit so I'm going for those pinch of this and a scant handful of that kind of recipes. I finally couldn't stall anymore so I started in an orderly and precise manner and that soon deteriorated into 'what the hey' because I only had one timer and I knocked over the soda ash container mid process. The notes are kinda vague as well as blurry. But I have begun!
I decided to start simple and figure what each number actually colours up as. I have 3 different dyes for each of the 3 primaries and I only got the yellow started. I'll have 3 gradations of each yellow and then one combo as the 3 mix and mingle in a shallow tub which I had to find and wash after all that prep anyway! So now it says it is okay to just let them cook and I'll rinse tomorrow morning. Hope I can sleep!
More thunder and lightening is forecast and I'd like to hang the results on the line for photos but that might have to wait for good weather. But I hope to continue with the 3 reds and the 2 blues. I have 1 green I might try for some real mixing.

So now when I'm asked "what's cooking"; it's no guarantee it'll be edible!

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