Sunday, August 30, 2009


It is with attitude that I am sitting down in front of the Strategy screen.
I am slightly skeptical as I hover over possible mouse clicks.
"Do not be intimidated, nor put off by the challenge. Refresh the challenge when you slip." oooh!
Now one of the first things I learned on the computer was to refresh. I don't know which F number it is but I know those two little arrows. I like them!
The Power of Routine. Harness it.
Schedule your day. First begin at a set time, i.e. with the first cup of coffee, and write down the tasks you want to accomplish for the day. Prioritize and start immediately.
Can't be with the first cup as DH tells me his plans then and he takes a dim view of my inattention. When he asks my plans, I just razzle dazzle him with my fast moves with the coffee pot! If I make a new pot after he leaves and then make a list I shall be there till the pot is finished while I contemplate the fact that you need to do the thing you don't want to do first.
It also says not to think about the whole darn thing, just the starting. But keep it to a specific time and a short time. So I could hit the shower contemplating my options, write them down while they are still wet and get started before the ink drys. 8^O
I've noticed that I avoid the fine print on my bold focus for the day list. I see that I am great at generalizing but I have to get down to the nitty gritty. So, I'll nail that big to-do list right here at eye level. nnghh
oh, dear. It also says to talk with those whose example of successful time management is known. That means I have to say, yes dear, you are right AGAIN! I'm gonna give it one more week on my own. sheesh This is the man who comes in for coffee, looks at his watch, hmm 10:07, I need to start again at 10:22. VBSigh But he accomplishes a bazillion more things than I do.
So the alternative is: wash, write, work. wash, write, work... wa....

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