Thursday, August 27, 2009

Love is like the colour green

The noun love is listed in the English dictionary with about 4 meanings. The verb has one meaning: to hold dear, bear love to, to be in love with, be fond of. I have a problem with love because I hold my life dear, I bear love to my garden, I am in love with my husband and I'm very fond of potato chips. It is all the same word.
Green is like that. Green wouldn't be a favorite colour. In fact khaki green could be close to the very bottom of my fondness list. But gardening and a green quilt challenge has caused me to appreciate all the nuances of green. Green isn't just green. It is green and then some!
Love is like that.


Unknown said...

It's so funny that you talk about thi, because I find myself thinking the same thing on occasion. I wouldn't choose green over, say, pthalo blue or a fiery orange-red, but yet, I am utterly inspired by my outdoor surroundings and as a result, keep going back to revisit green quite often. :D

elle said...

I'm starting to think of green as a neutral and that limey green as the answer to most problems! lol