Friday, August 21, 2009

You are what you eat!

Drat! I have not been making good choices. Nor did I follow the plan. But at least I am seeing it. I need to be creative with feeding myself- MM's, Motivating Morsels!

So today I gotta get this playroom finished and keep it at the ready. Then I gotta snack (eat) HEALTHY. Energy to be creative. No excuse but the weather has been grey for weeks and we are usually a very sunny spot. We've been having our share of rainbows but not long, hot, sunny days. It is beginning to slow down everybody's smiles.

Something to smile about- I did want to find some dollar store paint canvases and try more layering techniques but the store closed before I got there last night. So if I get finished up early today I'll treat myself to a quick trip to get a few blank canvases.

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