Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Complicated Simplifying!

I forgot to take the recycle stuff when I went to town. Then I got company for the afternoon. Then I found more stuff when I was clearing the work table in the playroom. I'd been happy to get the paper reduced by half and now I see it was multiplying under the cover of important stuff! I'd dispair but it didn't take too long to pitch it and I really am starting to feel that things are progressing. I have 2 small drawers in the old library file that are empty and I know one drawer in the chest will be 'toast' because I'm starting to get fed up with this, this junk! I'm beginning to get breathing room. I hope to never get this deeply buried in stuff again!

I took "Color By Accident" to bed with me last night and I'm feeling a powerful urge to dye! I'm trying to think what colours and a quick peek in the organized fabric shelves shows the gaps! But I'm also thinking that this could be the first layer for a more complicated design. Good thing the first step is fairly simple and I can get more complicated on another day.

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