Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Second Go-round

I machine quilted like a madman in the morning but that sun on my tall green grass beckoned in the afternoon. And who knows when the sun will be replaced by rain again so...
The bush on the north of the house is poplar and some oak that are starting to make their presence known. But I realized that I like the lighter wood and the shaking leaves that sound like water (?) sometimes. This bush would be very dark looking if the one oak that was here when we came continues to make its presence felt. But the poplar has been dieing. That could be evolution or because I mess around with the edge. I've coaxed out a peninsula and I've made a path thru the bush behind this area in the photo. Last year I mulched with straw and sawdust. I planted an aspen, and a couple of shrubs.
While I was waiting for someone to come rescue my lawnmower from the mud I'd stuck it in I weeded this area. Hence the before and after picture. 8^) Mulching works. I've ordered trees from the prairie shelterbelt people for next year. Some are native to this kind of bush so I'll fix it up. I also have 2 sprawly shrubs that need to come out of my current flower bed. Both have their gene pool from hardy natives. One is a yellow green dogwood and the other a burgundy ninebark or elder. They would work along the edge to bring it a bit more civilized look. I'm aiming for the cabin at the lake look.
The lawnmower was rescued and I continued. Looks like I might have to continue today as well. But I did get the MQing done last night and this morning it will be binding. I should have photos for Creative Night on Thursday!

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