Friday, August 21, 2009

Blowing in the wind

I got a good idea. (again) I'm still cleaning. I also rewarded myself with the aforementioned trip to the dollar store before the job was done. oops! Not only did I get canvases but I also got a few other neat things.
But my idea... I was admiring my just dyed fabrics for the bedroom decor and I had spread them on the bed. !!! I am on the hunt for new fitted sheets for my bed. The bottoms wear faster than the tops so I'm prepared to pay for a good thread count in nice solid colours that go with what I have. But I'm not finding much in the double size. Why wouldn't my 90 inch wide pillow ticking work? I could dye the fabric and make fitted sheets. How hard can that be? I do like this tight weave cotton. It softens up after a couple of washes but is nice and crisp which I like. No flannel sheets for me. I could even make some coordinating pillow cases. The 1 yard piece blowing in the breeze is a piece that I did this week. I liked it so much, I did some more. The bedroom will eventually be painted a yellowy/peachy/pink. The seasonal themes will work with this colour and I have the quilt fabrics pretty much lined up and patterns in mind.
My handyman hubby promised to do the honey do list in that bedroom tomorrow but his boss has other ideas so I'll be able to get done tomorrow what I didn't finish today. Gee, sounds like that hamburger guy on the old Popeye shows. lol

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Unknown said...

Your own sheets, how cool is that?? You'll have to be sure to blog us through the process, I can't wait to see what happens. :D