Friday, August 7, 2009

Down in the depths

Rainy day and I skipped a floor and went straight to the basement. No pictures of a 1930's basement. 8^) I and ds#3 had dragged the counter top that used to be in my sewing room down to the pantry area so I moved things around and got it operational. Then I started in on my laundry area which is also my dye spot. The darn table is always buried. But I continue to downsize and besides garbage, I have 3 bags for the local thrift shop. Feels good!

But how is that being creative? To create is to bring into existence. I'm creating order and repurposing how the areas function. The only interior walls are a cement cistern in one corner that has been opened and is referred to as 'the cave'! It is the cold storage area and it was repurposed last fall. So I do have lots of options for creativity. But what I'd really like to bring in to existence would be a utility room off the back of the house and fill the whole darn basement in with gravel! vbsigh

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