Monday, August 10, 2009

Inner or outer?

I don't really like analyzing the why of things, particularly in myself, but the To-do list section in Strategies pointed out that why something is on the list is very important. If it is an intrinsic motivator, it'll have a higher priority. I forget what the external word was but the bottom line is that if I think it is worthwhile, then it stands a chance of getting completed rather than the 'he made me do it' mentality. So simplifying is happening because I am so tired of never finding what I'm looking for. Now I need to use this to help me get more stuff done. It also suggested doing the most difficult (uninspiring) stuff first. So I'm doing paperwork first thing this morning and then delivering it to the mail. Then ... quilting!

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Unknown said...

Honestly, one of the biggest, most important favors I do for myself every day is stay as organized as I can. The less time I waste looking for something I know I have, the happier I am. The happier I am, the more I more willing I am to take on the more arduous (and otherwise potentially icky) aspects of keeping up studio space for daily usage.

And you're going to feel so incredibly proud of yourself when you're done, and I'm better, a LOT more inspired to make art. :D